Commercial Solar Panels Sydney | Lower Costs with Quality Solar

Solar for any business,
big or small

Financial benefits:

  • Lease options available
  • $0* upfront
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Potential tax benefits
  • 10 years limited workmanship warranty
Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar Panels Sydney

Reduce your energy costs by choosing sustainable methods. Responsible businesses stay strategic about their business energy needs.  Protect your business by reducing rising energy costs. Solar energy provides a good return on investment by using un-utilized rooftop space and requires minimal maintenance. All of this has a positive impact on your savings and an even greater impact on the environment. Be it any business, industry, school, hotel, or factory.

When it comes to commercial rooftop solar, AYKA Solar takes the lead with its reliable solar solutions. Your business requires a system that you can rely on. We use top-quality components, brands with a 10-year workmanship warranty. With AYKA, you get smart solar power solutions customized as per your energy consumption needs.

Small & Medium Businesses


106 Panels x 370W= 39,220W

Tier 1 Panels

Best Quality Inverter Up To 29.9kW

Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Large Corporations


156 Panels x 370W= 57,720W

Tier 1 Panels

Best Quality Inverter Up To 50kW

Dedicated Post-Installation Support

Power Guzzlers


270 Panels x 370W= 99,900W

Tier 1 Panels

Best Quality Inverter Up To 100kW

Dedicated Post-Installation Support